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How does the payment process work?

When you book with me, you are required to pay a $50 deposit via email transfer.  The remaining balance is to be paid at the day of the session.

What time will our sessions be photographed?

Sessions are photographed during the beautiful golden hour - 1 hour before the sun goes down.

Indoor studio sessions can be booked between 10-12 or 1-3.

Do I need to find a location?

I have spent many hours searching and scouting out the perfect locations.  Because I am situated in the heart of Deep Cove I generally find a local park such as Cates ,Deep Cove Park, and for the best sunsets I like to go to Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver).  If you have a special spot, I am also up for suggestions!

Im worried my kids won't cooperate!!!

So many parents come to me with this concern, trust me, your not alone.  I am a mom of two (11 & 17) so I have experienced all ages and personalities.  These family images are memories, and sometimes you will be surprised just how much you'll appreciate the personality coming out in your photo sessions.  Let kids be kids!  I usually spend half my time for very candid shots of interaction between one another and will finish off with more posed photos and don't worry with that comes my direction.

What should we wear?

The most common question asked, and sometimes the hardest job for mom.  Pinerest is an amazing source for ideas.  I am also only a text away if you want to send me pictures.  I like to tell my families to start with a neutral colour like grey and then add colour.

How do we get our images.

All sessions receive their images via an online gallery where you can download straight to your computer.

You  will first receive a link to your gallery for you to choose your images of choice (each image has an image number), select your images, receive a gallery where you can download straight to your computer.  I will have your images ready within 5-10 business days from your session.

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